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PhD candidate with UC Doctoral Scholarship at University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Primary research into modern cremation in New Zealand and the wider Western world; interests in death studies, 19th century colonial experiences of death and corpse disposal, public health, and urban sanitation.
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Time Flies…

Hello Everyone, It’s been a long. long time since I last created a blog post, I admit to relying too much on Facebook to engage of late. But, hear me out, I’ve been a very busy girl. In the 3 years since my last post (yes, 3 years) I have earned myself a degree in … Continue reading

Remittance Men and Rockwood Graves

Hello again to all Hunting Kiwis subscribers. We’re in the final throes of Summer here in New Zealand and I took the opportunity to visit a very small collection of graves on consecrated ground within the grounds of a private Canterbury home – Rockwood Station homestead. The graves belong to the Philliips family – one … Continue reading

Three new cemeteries, my first talk, and a new cemetery course

Dear Blog Readers, Can it really be September? Where did August go? So much to do, so little time! New Cemeteries After a well-earned break in Samoa, I’ve hit the cemetery trail again, with a lot of help from my parents. Three (yes, THREE!) new cemeteries have been photographed and will be available online just … Continue reading

Listing Updates and Upcoming New Info!

Hello again family historians and blog readers, It’s hard to believe we’re in the second half of 2012 already. Hunting Kiwis has now been going for nearly 2 years (October 2010) and boy does my camera know it, with almost 2,000 headstones photographed and recorded. Eleven cemeteries have been completed and six are in progress. … Continue reading

Searching for Remittance Men in New Zealand

Do you know about Remittance Men? Many don’t. You may even have one in your family tree, but don’t yet know it. Remittance Men were somewhat tragic figures, strewn across British colonies, including New Zealand. Banished by their wealthy families for their wayward lifestyles or embarrassing ways, they were, in effect, paid to never return. … Continue reading

*News* Hunting Kiwis in Top 50 Genealogy Blog List

Exciting news! Hunting Kiwis was listed in Inside History magazine‘s Top 50 Genealogy Blogs in their latest issue (Issue 10). I’m really proud to have made this list after just 18 months of blogging on the topic. The Top 50 list was compiled by renowned Australian genealogy blogger Jill Ball. You can check out the … Continue reading

New season, new cemetery

Dear Readers, What a fantastic Autumn we’ve had here in Canterbury, New Zealand – clear, blue skies and warm sun. Perfect weather for trotting around cemeteries. This month I have tackled a small cemetery in Christchurch that I have passed so many times and intended to stop, but never did. It’s the small cemetery attached … Continue reading

Farewell to summer, FAQs and lone burials in Oz

Dear Readers, What a wash-out our New Zealand summer was – at least here in Canterbury. Let’s hope for some better autumn weather so I can get back out in the cemeteries and continue photographing the gravestones without my camera going rusty! There’s more work to do at Yaldhurst cemetery and the completion of South … Continue reading

New Listing – Cust/West Eyreton Cemetery

Dear Readers, The work at both Cust cemeteries has now been completed. Cust’s Anglican Cemetery (Tippings Road) was finished last year and the listings can be found here. The Cust/West Eyreton Cemetery, the larger of the two, has now been fully photographed and listings are being added daily. Thanks to my parents and husband for … Continue reading

New Year, New Look

Happy New Year to all my subscribers! Hunting Kiwis has had 21,683 visits since launcing in October 2010 and we are now seeing around 2,000 visits each month. We’re happy so many have had the opportunity to see their ancestors’ final resting place and many of you have requested photographs in return for generous donations … Continue reading

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