Birch Hill Cemetery (near Glentui)
Monument to soldiers and horses

Memorial to the soldiers and horses lost in the Great War

Now a public cemetery, Birch Hill Cemetery was once a private cemetery for the use of the family, friends and workers of Birch Hill Station, and remains a small cemetery tucked away in the hills off Birch Hill Road near Oxford.

Edward Bowler Millton, and his wife Maude (need Ford) had the current Birch Hill Station homestead built to a design by Samuel Hurst Seager, one of New Zealand’s leading designers of large houses, after the original house owned by his father, sea captain William Newton Millton, burnt down. Edward’s brother, J D Millton, also inherited land, on the Ashley Flats, and named the property ‘Rakahuri’.

In 1930, Edward Millton (now Lieutenant-Colonel), decided to honour the men and horses who had served in the Great War by commissioning and constructing a stone monument in the Birch Hill Cemetery. Many of the 8th Regiment‘s (New Zealand Mounted Rifles) horses came from Birch Hill.

Lieutenant-Colonel Millton and his wife had no children of their own. Their biggest contribution was the leaving of Birch Hill Station to the Sunlight League to be used as a home for children orphaned by World War Two. For many years the homestead was known as the Ford Millton Home, but it closed for good in 1985 and the house is now a private residence.


High-resolution photographs of the grave are available, plus one or two of the cemetery/church if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

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BRYDON, Robert (d. 6th January, 2002).

BRYDON Robert 1 (Small)

CROSS, Marjorie Anne (d. 17th August, 2006). Born in York, England 22nd April, 1918. Wife of William Watson Cross.

CROSS Marjorie Ann 1 (Small)

ENGEL, Heinz Albert (d. 4th June, 1998). Born in Germany in 1932.

ENGEL Heinz Alfred 2 (Small)

ENSOR, John Henry (d. 31st August, 1986). Age 65. Husband of Sylvie.

ENSOR John Henry 1 (Small)

ENSOR, Roger Willett (1923 – 2000). Husband of Valerie Anne Wilson Ensor.

ENSOR Roger Willett 1 (Small)

ENSOR, Valerie Anne Wilson (1922 – 1997). Wife of Roger Willett Ensor of Mandalea and Garrymere.

ENSOR Valerie Anne Wilson 1 (Small)

ERICKSON, Charles Oscar (d. 21st October, 1962). Headstone hard to read.

Illegible 1 (Small)

HAMILTON, Annette Dea Herbert (d. 28th September, 1992). Nee Brown. Wife of Henry Warburton Fitzgerald Hamilton.

HAMILTON Annette Dea Herbert 1 (Small)

HAMILTON, Henry Warburton Fitzgerald (d. 8th January, 1977). Born 16th April, 1900.

HAMILTON Henry Warburton Fitzgerald 1 (Small)

JAMES, Arthur Reginald (d. 11th December, 1956). Also Grace Lydia, his wife.

JAMES Arthur Reginald 1 (Small)

JAMES, Patricia Ellis (1917 – 2005). Daughter of Reg and Lydia.

JAMES Patricia Ellis 1 (Small)

JAMES, Richard Ellis (1915 – 2002). Cherished companion of Pearl.

JAMES Richard Ellis 1 (Small)

KENYON, Elizabeth Noeline (d. 14th March, 2005). Wife of Frank Kenyon.

KENYON Elizabeth Noeline 1 (Small)

MILLTON, Edward Bowler (d. 11th March, 1942).

MILLTON Edward Bowler 1 (Small)

MILLTON, Mary Lilian (d. 8th March, 1963). Wife of Frederick John Millton.

MILLTON Mary Lilian 1 (Small)

MILLTON, Maude Eliza (d. 4th Feb, 1946). Age 78. Nee Ford. Wife of Edward Bowler Millton.

MILLTON Maude Eliza 1 (Small)

SMITH, C C (31st January, 1936 – 29th May, 2004).

SMITH C C 1 (Small)

THOMPSON, Keith Marshall (1945 – 2010). Husband of Linda.

THOMPSON Keith Marshall 1 (Small)

TOMKIES, S A (d. 18th May, 1993). Captain 2nd NZEF, 19th Battalion.

TOMKIES S A 1 (Small)

WHITE, Pearl Mae (d. 10th August, 1988).

WHITE Pearl Mae 1 (Small)


3 thoughts on “Birch Hill Cemetery (near Glentui)

  1. The cemetery was officially opened on 31st March 1937 and the rules advertised then as well.
    The Ford Millton home operated from 1942-1985. It was run by a matron and was for boys from homes where parents had poor parenting skills.
    Bernard Kingsbury Archivist Cust Museum

    Posted by Bernard Kingsbury | March 13, 2014, 7:20 am
  2. Robert Brydon our Dad and Mum ( Dorothy ) are both buried at the cemetary. Dad managed Okuku Hill station in Lees Valley for several years till about 1964 and the profit from that station helped with the running of the Ford Milton Memorial home. From Barbara Laird nee Brydon. Great for me to see the stone and plaque are still OK.

    Posted by Barbara Laird | February 14, 2015, 7:03 am

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