Culverden Cemetery

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Culverden Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road a few kilometres west of the township of Culverden and 95km north of Christchurch. The small rural town has a current population of around 500; the headcount in 1901 was just 87. Culverden sits in the Amuri Basin region of North Canterbury.

Situated on a small hill known locally as “The Mound”, and surrounded by land belonging to a farm bearing the same name, the cemetery sports fantastic views across the Hurunui-Waiau basin.

Burials appear to begin c. 1905. A plot map is available online (.pdf) as well as cemetery search via Hurunui District Council. Some of the burials below have an associated plot number.

Cemetery View 1a


High-resolution photographs of gravestones are available, plus one or two of the cemetery/church if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

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BETHELL, Marmaduke (b. 1878 d. 1955). This headstone is covered with lichen. Some photo-manipulation was needed to reveal the owner of the headstone. The information was cross-checked with the Hurunui Council cemetery records.

BETHELL Marmaduke 1 (Small)

BETHELL, Richard (b. 17th October, 1905 – d. 6th June, 1987). Of Pahau Pastures.

BETHELL Richard 1 (Small)

BROWNE, Ferris William (1913 – 1993)

BROWNE, Richard William Ferris (d. 20th July, 1947). Infant.

CRADOCK, Jeffrey Peter (d. 19th October, 2006). Age 40. Occupation: Gardener. Plot No: CU227.

CRADOCK Jeffrey Peter 1 (Small)

CREWES, Annie Louisa (d. 9th August, 1937)

CROFT, Colin Andrew (d. 16th May, 2002)

CROFT, Frank (d. 27th October, 1923). *Terrible bin placement, I’m pretty sure the grave was there first!!

FRASER, Martin Charles (1870 – 1951)

GREIG, James Strachan (d. 13th December, 1915)

HARE, Olive Louisa (d. 25th May, 1914)

HENSHAW, Agnes Elizabeth (1883 – 1929)

HOOPER, Arthur Charles (d. 28th February, 1967)

HOOPER, Ian Farquhar (1944 – 1951)

KINGSBURY, O A (Pte.) (d. 30th September, 1931). Canterbury Regiment.

McGEECHY, Thomas (b. 1992  d. 9th December, 1963). Plot No: CU142

McGEECHY Thomas 1 (Small)

McMILLAN, Alan* (d. 12th May, 1967). Plot No: CU136.

*Name in online burial records is John William Alan McMillian. Also his wife Joyce McMillan (d. 6th December, 2003). Again, in the burial records her name is different – Mildred Joyce McMillan.

McMILLAN Alan 1 (Small)

McMILLAN, Anthony D (d. 10th October, 1944). Age 15 weeks

McMILLAN Anthony D 1 (Small)

McMILLAN, Arthur William Bryce (d. 31st July, 1988)

McMILLAN, Lucy Jane (d. 22nd December, 1950) Plot No: CU134. Wife of William Bryce McMillan (d. 6th March, 1963).

McMILLAN Lucy Jane 1 (Small)

McMILLAN, Nancy Sarah Bryce (d. 9th September, 2004). Plot No: CU135.

McMILLAN Nancy Sarah Bryce 1 (Small)

McPHERSON, John (d. 20th July, 1916)

McRAE, Mary Ethel (d. 22nd July, 1949)

McRAE, Roderica Maud (d. 29th April, 1909)

McRAE, William Dampier (d. 1st August, 1968)

MELROSE, Clarence L (d.13th November, 1918)

MERCER, Frederick (d. 1938). Age 74. Plot No: CU138.

MERCER Frederick 1 (Small)

MILES, Percy (d. 1943). Age 66. Plot No: CU139.

MILES Percy 1 (Small)

MOCKETT, G (d. 18th July, 1992)

MOCKETT, Joan Janet (d. 15th April, 1973)

MOCKETT, Merle Elizabeth (d. 2nd November, 2001)

MONRO, Frances Catherine (d. 2nd November, 19??)

MONRO, William Macbeth (d. 25th July, 1935)

PARKER, Jean Palin (d. 24th August, 1949)

PERCY, Shirley Agnes (d. 12th August, 1994)

PHILIPSON, J (d. 7th February, 1939)

PRESTON, John Henry (1894 – 1940).

PRESTON, Kathleen (1927 –  3rd July, 1929). Age 20 months.

PRESTON, Kathleen Mary (1902 – 1991)

ROGERS, Olive (d. 1883 – 1943)

ROXBURGH, Guy (d. 16th March, 1967)

SMITH, John (d. 1914).This old wooden cross has only the name and date inscribed onto it. Wooden headstones of this age are uncommon.

SMITH, T (d. 3rd October, 1988)

SWANEY, Lucy E (1870 –  1932)

TAYLOR, Samuel (d. 1864 – ?)

TRAVERS, Effie Amelia (1897 – 1973)

TRAVERS, Emily Lina (d. 11th November, 1912). Age 18.

WILKE, Marie Dorothy (d. 22nd June, 1927). Infant.


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