Cust / West Eyreton (Mairaki) Cemetery

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This cemetery opened in 1880 as an additional burial ground to the existing Anglican cemetery on Tippings Road.

The oak trees lining the long avenue to the cemetery, Early’s Road, were planted at the same time.

Early’s Road takes its name from Stephen Early who was the first undertaker in Cust, as well as a baker, builder, storekeeper and postmaster.

The west section is Anglican and the east sections are Methodist and Presbyterian.

For details of burials, plans, plots etc, of the following cemeteries contact or visit the Cust Museum (open 2-4 pm on Sundays) Cust Public Earlys Road, Cust Anglican Tippings Road, St James-on-the-Cust Anglican Churchyard, Mandeville, Flaxton and Birch hill.


High-resolution photographs of the grave are available, plus one or two of the cemetery/church if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

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ALLISON, Edward (d. 11th January, 1903)

BAILEY, George (Bert) (1924 – 1938). Killed by a falling wattle tree.

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BARKER, Louis (1859 – 1944)

BAYLISS, Thomas John (d. 3rd December, 1977). Age 83.

BELLANEY, Archibald Falconere (d. 15th June, 1977). Trooper – Otago Mounted Rifles. Archibald served in Gallipoli and, returning home on the Maheno in 1916 was isolated at the enteric ward at Auckland Hospital following outbreaks of the disease.

Archway Record online

BELLANEY, Joy Evelyn (d. 5th November, 2009)

BENNETT, Leslie George (d. 11th February, 1912). Age 15.

BIDDLE, Julia (d. 26th March, 1895)

BITMEAD, Emily (19th November, 1914)

BITMEAD, George (d. 23rd March, 1913)

BRADLEY, David Samuel (1876 – 1944)

BRADLEY, Eric David (d. 30th June, 1972)

BRADLEY, William (d. 1892).

BRADLEY, William George (d. 6th November, 1955)

CAMPBELL, Ada Annie (d. 12th (?) April, 1920. Age 46. Also her husband Robert Ferguson CAMPBELL (d. 16th October, 1939). Age 63.

CAMPBELL, David Archibold (d. 24th December, 2007)

CHUDLEY, Alfred (1884 – 1925)

COOPER, Andrew and Wendy (d. April 1949). Infant son and daughter of S & N Cooper.

COOPER, John (1870 – 1931)

COOPER, Sarah Anne (1877 – 1954)


COWENS, Mary (d. 25th December, 1918)

CROMIE, Thomas (d. 5th August, 1900)

CROMIE, William (d. 5th January, 1910)

DICKENS, William (1839 – 1907)

EARLY, Eliza (d. 10th January, 1922).

EARLY, Frederick H (d. 2nd November, 1926)

EARLY, Frederick Garland Chriske (d. 1912). Infant son of F H and F Early.

EARLY, Mavis (d. 1915)

EARLY, Stephen (d. 21st February, 1907)

FINLAY, Margaret (G?) (d. 1914 – 1952)

FINLAY, Margaret M (1874 – 1953)

FINLAY, William (1871 – 1944)


FOREST, Isabella Murray (d. 12th April, 1923). Age 49. Also her husband James Russell Forest (d. 28th February, 1962). Age 89.

FREE-THOMPSON, Harriet (1848 – 1931)

GALLETLY, John (d. 16th July, 1916). Age 76.

GARDINER, James S (d. 26th September, 1914)

GARDNER, George Clegg (d. 5th February, 1885). George was born in Deal, Kent, England in 1845 and came to New Zealand in 1862, and, with Margaret McKinlay of Wishaw, Scotland, founded one of the New Zealand Gardner lines. A comprehensive family history can be found on the wonderful ‘Gardner Family in New Zealand’ website.

GOW, Mary (1872 – 1968). Nee Gardner.

GRAHAM, Esmai Edith (d. 7th June, 2000). Nee Cattermole.

HARKESS, Alice Mary (d. 18th July, 1995)

HARKESS, Robert Scott (d. 4th August, 2007)

HODGSON, Julia Ann (d. 31st December, 1897)

HODGSON, Mary Ann (d. 27th December, 1913)

HORRELL, Alice Charlotte (1900 – 1975)

HUNTER, Adam (d. 27th July, 1910) and his wife Jean. Also Hannah Hunter (d. 23rd January, 1890). Age 11. Also Jeanne Orr Hunter. Also Ada Hunter (d. 22nd January, 1979). Also Jean CALDWELL (d. 22nd November, 1888).

JOHNSON, Amy Ann (d. 21st May, 1939)\

JOHNSON, Mary Ann (1871 – 1940)

KENNEDY, James (d. June 1912)

KYLE, Hugh (d. 28th March, 1934)

LANG, Robert H (d. 1864 – 1941).

LATTO, Mary (d. 5th November, 1888). And her husband James (d. 20th May, 1907).

LEE, Henry (d. 3rd June, 1905)

LIVINGSTONE, Hugh (d. 8th January, 1893). Age 57. Also his wife Mary Ann who died 30th October, 1905.

MAINDONALD, Forbes Hilary (d. 25th August, 1995)

MAINDONALD, Martin Hall (d. 19th August, 1943)

MANDER, Abraham (d. 3rd September, 1905)

McDOWELL, William (1856 – 1921). Also his wife Mary Jane (1864 – 1934). Also their daughter Jessie Frances (1898 – 1980). Also their son Roy Simon (1909 – 1996).

McKIBBEN, Sarah (d. 27th April, 1926)

McLAUCHLAN, Andrew (1866 – 1936). Also his wife Susan (1861 – 1939)

McLAUCHLAN, Edward (d. 30th August, 1910). Age 6.

McLAUCHLAN, Elizabeth Ann (d. 12th October, 1901). Also her daughter Vera Mary (d. 26th August, 1901), age 15 months.

McLAUCHLAN, James (d. 19th April, 1895). Accidentally drowned. Age 59. Also his wife Ann.

McLAUCHLAN, James (d. 23rd May, 1914). Age 53.

McLAUCHLAN, Myrtle May (d. 21st March, 1959)

MELLING, Peter (7th February, 1920)

MILES, Ellen (d. 11th April, 1947)

MILES, Florence Rose (d. 17th April, 1920). Age 5 months.

MILES, William Stephen Hubert (d. 18th June, 1921)

MODERATE, Alexander (d. 12th September, 1943). Age 94.

MODERATE, David (d. 23rd June, 1915). Age 64.

MODERATE,Β  Elizabeth (d. 26th November, 1931). Age 73. Wife of Alexander Moderate.

MODERATE, Jane (d. April 1896)

MODERATE, William (d. 24th March, 1921). Age 76.

OLLIVER, Thomas William (8th April, 1976)

PAGET, John Charles (d. 22nd September, 1924)

PEACHEY, Albert Ernest (d. 19th May, 1968)

PEACHEY, Amelia Ness (d. 17th February, 1940)

Pearce” husband of Annie Joyce (no surname on headstone). (d. 17th April, 1920)

PEEBLES, Andrew (d. 12th March, 1898)

PENGELLY, John Edmund (d. 26th October, 1996) Born Hastings, England.

PLOWMAN, George Edmund (d. 23rd November, 2010)

PROUSE, Thomas (d. 22nd October, 1908)

REID, Ida Jane (1903 – 1957)

REID, Lawrence Edgar (1904 – 1982)

RICH, Janeen Alison Worrall (d. 30th April, 2004)

ROBB, Emily Louise (d. 9th August, 187?0). Age 20. Only Emily Robb listed in BMD at that time died in 1885 age 19. Could this be the same person? If so, which record is wrong?

ROBB, Joseph (d. November, 1908). Age 60.

ROBINSON, John (d. 1st December, 1922)

ROBINSON, Rachel (d. 8th March, 1911)

RODGERS, William James (d. 31st May, 1939)

ROWE, Charles Bevan (d. 3rd August, 1993).

RUDDENKLAU, John F (d. 16th May, 1896). Age 61. Also his wife Agnes (nee WATT). Also Eliza Ethel Ruddenklau (nee DUNN).

SANDERS, Ethel Margaret (1907 – 1917)

SAVAGE, Benjamin Alfred Lawrence (d. 2nd March, 1980)

SEARELL, Arthur (d. 21st November, 1915). Age 57.

SEARELL, Cordelia Frances (d. 27th April, 1934)

SMITH, Elizabeth (d. 12th March, 1915)

SMITH, Mary Jane (d. 29th April, 1895)

SMITH, Minnie Jane (d. 2nd September, 1935)

SMITH, Samuel (1870 – 1947)

TALLOTT, Henry (1867 – 1944)

TALLOTT, Miriam (d. 23rd August, 1904). Born Miriam WHITLEY, daughter of William WHITLEY and Ann WOODWARD. Miriam was born 1828 in Long Handborough, Oxfordshire, England. She married Thomas TALLOT in 1847 in Witney, Oxfordshire, England. She died 23 Aug 1904 in Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ and was buried 26 Aug 1904 in Cust, Canterbury, NZ.

THOMPSON, William (9th December, 1896)

THOMPSON, William John (d. 18th January, 1985)

TREBILCOCK, John Louis (1890 – 1983)

UNKNOWN 1 Mary ???CK 1861 – 1941


UNKNOWN 3 – Fallen on to face


WARDELL, Joseph Desmond (d. 8th August, 1990)

WAYLAND, Alice (1875 – 1960). Nee Cromie.

WAYLAND, Eric (d. 14th January, 1989).

WAYLAND, George (1871 – 1934)

WEBSTER, Betsy (1866 – 1955).

WEBSTER, James (d. 1915). Also his wife Catherine (d. 1918).

WEBSTER, Kitty (d. 9th October, 1942)

“WEE HAZEL” (no dates/info)

WOOD, Mary Ann (d. 1st September, 1922). “William George and Mary Ann Wood emigrated to New Zealand from England in 1874 on board the SS Atrato, with their children William Samuel (7), Mary Ann (4) and Edward Thomas (2 months). William George Wood was born in Epping, Essex, and his father was from the nearby hamlet of Theydon Garnon, where the Wood family had lived since at least the early 16th Century. William moved to Edmonton, on the outskirts of London, where he worked as a platelayer on the railways, and married Mary Ann Robinson in 1866. The family moved to Norfolk shortly before emigrating.”

More information on the Wood family can be found here (scroll down to the bottom of the page), courtesy of Jamie Wood (email).

WRATT, Fanny (d. 20th May, 1925)


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  1. For details of burials, plans, plots etc, of the following cemeteries contact or visit the Cust Museum. Open 2-4 pm on Sundays. Cust Public Earlys Road, Cust Anglican Tippings Road, St James-on-the-Cust Anglican Churchyard, Mandeville, Flaxton and Birch hill.

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