Darfield – St Joseph’s RC Cemetery

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St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church and cemetery in Darfield were dedicated by the Reverend Father Chervier on 31st October, 1880.

The church stands on a 2 acre section, a gift from a Mr Maxwell of Racecourse Hill, who also contributed significantly to the church’s erection.

Described as “compact”, the original wooden church was 30ft x 18ft with a sanctuary 12ft x 10ft. The two were separated by an arch.

Built in a Gothic style, the western end had a large three-light window with two large windows at the eastern end. Entrance was made via two porches “similar to those at the Church of the Reparation at New Headford”. (New Zealand Tablet, 5th November, 1880 –  Paper’s Past).

The architect was a Mr T B Jacobsen and the contractor a Mr Buxton – both of Christchurch.

However, the current building is not the original church. The 1880 church burnt down in January 1935 and was replaced by the current concrete building in 1936-37. The architect, HF Willis, also designed New Regent Street in Christchurch. The builders were J & W Jamieson.

The cemetery is tucked away behind a hedge at the rear of the church and entered via an iron gate.

Prominent families in this cemetery include CLINTON, DUNCAN, HUGHES, MORRISON and VAUGHAN.


High-resolution photographs of the grave are available, plus one or two of the cemetery if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

Email me for gravestone images: moorfnz@gmail.com


BELCOURT, Albert Dan (1906 – 1991). Native of Alberta, Canada.

BRANKIN, Rosalie Ann (d. 18th March, 2007)

BROSNAN, Margaret (d. 14th September, 1919)

BRADFORD, Betty May (d. 19th October, 1996)

BURKE, Ann (d. 13th March, 1895). Native of Perthshire.

BURKE, John (d. 5th January, 1895)

BURTON, Alfred (d. 21st May, 1915)

BUTLER, Ann (d. 8th March, 1909)

BUTLER, Ellen (d. 16th December, 1922)

BUTLER, Fanny (d. 15th January, 1911). Died at Reefton.

BUTLER, Hugh H (d. 18th May 1933). Senior Sergeant (Police), newspaper report of death.

BUTLER, Hugh (d. 1933)

BUTLER, James (d. 21st November, 1910)

CATHERWOOD, Leslie Alban (d. 14th December, 1988)

CLINTON, Arthur (d. 30th August, 1910). Age 12.

CLINTON, Arthur Joseph (d. 29th August, 1995)

CLINTON, Bernard Joseph (d. 5th February, 2005)

CLINTON, David (d. 11th February, 1958)

CLINTON, David Francis (d. 9th November, 2002)

CLINTON, David James (d. 27th February, 1989)

CLINTON, Jane (d. 21st July, 1911)

CLINTON, John Daniel (d. 22nd June, 2007)

CLINTON, John Henry (d. 23rd August, 1973). NZ Infantry.

CLINTON, Joseph (d. 27th May, 1885)

CLINTON, Margaret (d. 21st July, 1953)

CLINTON, Mary (d. 11th December, 1940)

CLINTON, Mary (d. 21st March, 1915)

CLINTON, Nicholas (d. 25th February, 1926)

CLINTON, Patrick (d. 20th October, 1960)

CLINTON, Patrick James (d. 5th July, 1974)

CLINTON, Peter Francis (d. 14th December, 1949)

CLINTON, Peter P (d. 28th August, 1901)

CLINTON, William Francis (d. 21st March, 1915). Son, Thomas James CLINTON, killed in action at Somme, France, in 1918.

CLINTON, William John (d. 26th April, 1967)

CLINTON, William Joseph (d. 5th July, 1947)

COGAN, Francis Edward (d. 11th January, 1977)

COGAN, James Joseph (d. 5th June, 1950)

COGAN, Margaret (d. 22nd May, 1979)

COLENSO, Alfred (d. 1st July, 1996)

CREAMER, Anthony James (d. 6th June, 2006)

CREAMER, Geoffrey David (d. 2nd April, 1981)

CREAMER, Karen Elizabeth (d. 27th February, 1998)

CREAMER, Mary Kathleen (d. 18th May, 2001)

DALE, Noel David (d. 27th January, 1961)

DALEY, Ellen Teresa (d. 30th August, 1935)

DAWBER, Mary Mavis (d. 24th October, 1959). Aged 2 days.

DELAHUNTY, Annie (d. 1930). Age 56.

DERRETT, Percy John (d. 18th July, 1986)

DIEDRICHS, George Patrick (Paddy) (d. 26th June, 1973)

DIEDRICHS, Olga Vera (d. 26th September, 1988)

DOODY, Daniel (d. 24th March, 1965)

DOODY, John Harold (d. 26th October, 1955)

DOODY, William (d. 17th June, 1940)

DOYLE, Jerry (d. 19th January, 1932)

DRAPER, James Clifford (d. 8th April, 1966)

DUNCAN, Ellen (d. 1943)

DUNCAN, James Malcolm (d. 29th October, 1978)

DUNCAN, John (d. 14th February, 1929). Born in County Antrim, Ireland.

DUNCAN, John Joseph (d. 8th November, 1942)

DUNCAN, Kathleen Alice (d. 13th January, 1947). Nurse No. 71995 W.A.A.C.

DUNCAN, Mary Frances (d. 2nd February, 1965)

DUNCAN, May Philomena (d. 14th November, 1913). Died at Waiau age 7).

DUNN, Timothy (no dates)

FINLIN, Mary (d. 3rd May, 1900)

FITZGERALD, Lynette May (d. 5th February, 1996)

FITZGIBBON, Maurice Martin (d. 22nd May, 2000)

FOSTER, Bridget (d. 29th March, 1894)

FOSTER, Kenneth John (d. 10th July, 1999)

GALLAGHER, Graham Matthew (d. 31st March, 1973)

GAMELL, John (d. 18th August, 1924)

GILL, James John (d. 1923)

GILLIN, John Peter (d. 22nd October, 1990)

GUINEY, Edward (d. 21st October, 1924)

HAMPTON, William James (1906 – 1993)

HANLEY, Ellen (d. 8th August, 1922)

HANLEY, Patrick (d. 10th February, 1898)

HEALEY, Joseph (d. 5th December, 1927)

HIGGINS, Alfred (Stan) (d. 15th December, 1967)

HIGGINS, Elizabeth (d. 25th December, 1917)

HIGGINS, John (d. 25th August, 1919)

HIGHT, Gertrude (d. 19th December, 1947)

HIGHT, John (d. 21st March, 1953)

HIGHT, Mary (d. 14th May, 1912)

HIGHT, Samuel (d. 12th June, 1926)

HODGSON, Bernadette Mary (d. 23rd June, 2002)

HOSKING, George Kennedy (d.19th November, 1941)

HOSKING, Hilda Mary (d. 1st December, 2001)

HUDSON, Russell Patrick (d. 11th February, 1994)

HUGHES, Edward (d. 23rd October, 1933)

HUGHES, Elizabeth Reid (d. September, 1920)

HUGHES, Henry (d. 3rd November, 1915)

HUGHES, James (d. 4th March, 1899)

HUGHES, James (d. 1950)

HUGHES, James Francis (d. 26th January, 1992)

HUGHES, Mary Rosina (d. 21st May, 1995)

HUGHES, Rona Elizabeth (d. 1912)

HUGHES, Sarah (d. 25th December, 1911)

HUNT, Frederick William (d. 1926). Age 42 years. Stone mostly illegible, data from BMD records.

JOHNSON, Kenneth William (1932 – 1993)

JOHNSON, Lucy Patricia (d. 26th July, 1995)

JOHNSTON, George Charles (1914 – 1976)

LAFFY, Michael (d. 8th June, 1888). Newspaper report.

LYONS, Tim (1858 – 1937)

MacCORMACK, Neil Gordon (d. 19th January, 1934)

MACDONALD, Mary (d. 18th July, 1898)

MALONE, Ellen (d. 1895)

MANSON, Mary (d. 2nd June, 1957)

MARTIN, Eliza (d. Nov 1898)

MARTIN, Patrick (d. 16th November, 1890)

McDONNELL, Christopher Allan (1958 – 2008)

McDONNELL, Terence David (d. 6th January, 1982)

McGOVERIN, Thomas (d. 11th November, 1908)

McGRATH, Paul John (d. 9th November, 1989)

McGUIRE, (James & Annie?). Accidentally drowned at Lake Coleridge 9th November, 1924.

McHUGH, Andrew Gilbride (d. 8th January, 1951).

McHUGH, John Shannon (d. 3rd April, 1953). Age 67.

McHUGH, Patrick (d. 18th September, 1933)

McINTYRE, James (d. 6th January, 1927)

McLAUGHLIN, Joseph Samuel (d. 1st October, 1988)

McLAUGHLIN, Lawrance Patrick (d. 31st May, 1947)

McMAHON, Lawrence (d. 20th September, 1915)

MINETT, Barry Thomas (d. 30th June, 1986)

MOON, Nellie (d. 28th August, 1900).

MOORE, John (Garry) (d. 26th November, 1997)

MOORE, Nicholas Joseph (d. 30.7.64). Age 1 day.

MOORE, Robin Sylvester (d. 3 June, 2006)

MOORE, Sydney Horace (d. 19th March, 1965)

MORGAN, Anastasia Mary (d. 8th June, 1981)

MORRISON, Christine Judith (d. 24th January, 1991)

MORRISON, Harry (d. 27th June, 1929)

MORRISON, John Patrick (d. 10th June, 1989)

MORRISON, Julia (d. 17th September, 1939)

MORRISON, Nora Cecilia (d. 9th December, 1972)

MORRISON, Patrick (d. 21st July, 1942)

MORRISON, Ursula Mary (d. 16th January, 1978)

MORRISON, William (d. 20th January, 1963)

O’BOYLE, Bernard (d. 23rd May, 1971)

O’BOYLE, Francis Joseph (d. 2nd October, 2010)

O’BOYLE, Francis Neil (d. 19th April, 1971)

O’BOYLE, Ita (d. 9th May, 1969)

OHALLORAN, Gerald Thomas (d. 9th February, 1980)

O’MALLEY Dealia (d. 9th April, 1886). Death by drowning, supposed suicide.

OMALLEY, Patrick (d. 5th November, 1895)

PRICE, Samuel Joseph (d. 9th January, 1908). Two headstones exist, one a more modern and easier to read version of the weathered original.

REARDON, Bartholomew (d. 30th January, 1980). Married Margaret Cairn.

REARDON, Lucy Anastasia (d. 21st June, 1964)

REARDON, Patrick Joseph (d. 22nd August, 2007)

REYNOLDS, Catherine (1861 – 1950)

REYNOLDS, John Patrick (1880 – 1975)

REYNOLDS, Thomas (1897 – 1936)

RIORDAN, Mary (d. 26th March, 1892)

RIORDAN, Patrick (d. 18th July, 1911)

ROACH, Albert Francis (d. 22nd September, 1990)

RODWELL, Kevin Robert (d. 9th March, 1974). Age 16.

RODWELL, Leige Robert (d. 6th September, 1983)

SHEEHAN, Patrick (d. 22nd March, 1896). Accidentally killed.

SLATTERY, Daniel (d. 12th February, 1946)

SLATTERY, Daniel Desmond (d. 16th July, 2010)

SLATTERY, James (d. 11th March, 1915)

SLATTERY, James Thomas (d. 1st January, 2005)

SLATTERY, Patrick John (d. 25th September, 2001)

SMART, Grace Delia (d. 11th June, 1902)

SMITH, Shirley (d. 23rd November, 2006)

STEVENSON, Catherine Mary (d. 12th December, 1993)

STEVENSON, Murray Gilbert (d. 27th August, 2009)

STEWART, Margaret Patricia (d. 23rd July, 1983)

STEWART, Mary (d. illegible)

THWAITES, Brian Gerard (d. 27th July, 1991)

UNKNOWN 1 (Illegible).Do you know the details of this burial?

UNKNOWN, Michael (d. ?). Do you have details about this headstone?

VAN DE KLUNDERT Philip (d. 25th May, 2008)

VAN WISSEN, Cornelis Johannes (d. 5th November, 1987)

VAUGHAN, Edmund Peter (d. 28th January, 1997)

VAUGHAN, Eileen Annie (d. 1903 – 1992)

VAUGHAN, John Dennis (Rev. Father) (d. 7th November, 2006)

VAUGHAN, John James (d. 14th July, 1949)

VAUGHAN, Melissa Joan (d. 5th April, 1992)

VAUGHAN, Sabina Ann

WATSON, Robert Steen (d. 16th March, 1971)

WELSH, Annie Maria (d. 11th October, 1924)

WELSH, William John (d. 24th July, 1918)

WELSH, William John (d. 30th June, 1943)

YEOMAN, Abby Mary (d. 4th August, 1935)

YEOMAN, David Maurice (d. 6th June, 1999)

YEOMAN, Elizabth Lillian (d. 1st October, 2004)

YEOMAN, Ellen (d. 13th July, 1965)

YEOMAN, John Edward (d. 6th January, 1989)

YEOMAN, John Edward (d. illegible)

YOUNGMAN, George Alfred (d. 26th March, 1956)

YOUNGMAN, John Reeve (d. 27th July, 1951)

YOUNGMAN, Mark Bernard (d. 22nd June, 1984)


High-resolution photographs of the grave are available, plus one or two of the cemetery if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

Email me for gravestone images: moorfnz@gmail.com



One thought on “Darfield – St Joseph’s RC Cemetery

  1. The 1880 church burnt down in January 1935 and was replaced in concrete in 1936-37. Architect HF Willis also designed New Regent Street in Christchurch. J & W Jamieson were the builders.

    Posted by annmcewan | June 4, 2018, 2:27 am

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