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Greendale Cemetery, on Greendale Road near the settlement of Greendale, is one of the closest to the epicentre of the 7.1 Darfield earthquake on September 4, 2010. In fact, the source of that earthquake has been named after the region – the Greendale Fault.

This small rural cemetery saw its first burial in 1876, a year after it was developed.

Large local families include Early, Adams, Ridgen, Rudd, Warren and Mulholland, among others.


High-resolution photographs of gravestones are available, plus one or two of the cemetery/church if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

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ADAMS, Ada (d. 14th December, 1940)

ADAMS, Derek Seaton (d. 4th January, 2008)

ADAMS, Edgar Pannett (d. 19th December, 1981)

ADAMS, Francis John (d. 1959 via BMD) Age 7 days.

ADAMS, Harriet (d. 15th July, 1934)

ADAMS, John Ashcroft (d. 14th January, 1969)

ADAMS, Lilian Mary (1905 – 1986)

ADAMS, Lucy (d. 4th June, 1869). First wife of Thomas William ADAMS (below). Nee Pannett. Tragically, Lucy died by drowning in the well while drawing water 2 yrs after marrying Thomas, and one year after their first child was born.

ADAMS, Thomas William (d. 1st June, 1919). First farmer at Greendale. Born in Gravely, England. Obituary. Thomas married Lucy (nee Pannett) (above), who died 2 yrs after their marriage. Thomas then married Lucy’s sister, Harriet (above).

ADAMS, Thirza (1876 – 1970)

ANDREWS, Frederick John (d. 25th March, 1988)

BARKER, Henry (d. 16th October, 1940)

BENJAMIN, Elizabeth (1875 – 1966)

BEVERIDGE, Leslie Alexander (d. 21st November, 2002)

BEVERIDGE, Malcolm Alexander (d. 10th March, 1956). Age 7. Also memorialised on this headstone is 17 year old Roger Aubrey HART, son of Aubrey and Florence HART, who died 15 days later.

BLACK, Leslie Albert (d. 26th June, 1975)

BLAIKIE, Annie (d. 15th September, 1928)

BRAY, Caroline (d. 1st February, 1895). News report.

BRUCE, David (d. 19th June, 1917). Husband of Dolina Bruce.

BRUCE, Dolina (d. 15th March, 1926)

BRUCE, Mary Elsie Dove (d. 26th August, 1970)

BRUCE, Muriel Shona (1932 – 2002)

BULL, Joseph (d. 17th July, 1934)

BULL, Susannah (d. 20th December, 1946)

BULL, William (d. 3rd April, 1893)

BURDON, Isaac (d. 12th November, 1908)

BURNS, Elizabeth (d. 1895 – 1966)

BURNS, Samuel Robert (d. 20th May, 1972)

CHATTERTON, Alfred Ernest (d. 7th September, 1969)

CHURCH, Elizabeth (d. 8th February, 1929)

CHURCH, George Frederick (d. 16th February, 1917)

CHURTON, Margaret Letitia (d. 5th May, 2008)

CLARKSON, Clara Jane (d. 19th July, 1941)

CLARKSON, Robert Warcup (d. 11th April, 2002)

CLUCAS, Florence Emily (d. 19th November, 1915)

CLUCAS, Mary Jane (d. 26th February, 1954)

CLUCAS, Robert John (d. 7th March, 1988)

CLUCAS, Thomas Edward (d. 6th March, 1971)

CLUCAS, Thomas Louis (d. 25th September, 1996)

COLEE, Alfred William (d. 5th August, 1929)

COLEE, Elizabeth Anderson King (d. 15th June, 1915)

COLEE, Robert (d. 13th October, 1938)

COLEE, Walter Cuthbert (d. 22nd May, 1966)

COLLIN, Frank Garrett (d. 15th July, 1990)

COMPTON, John Albert (d. 20th May, 1917)

COMPTON, Lucy Gertrude (d. 1st September, 1935)

CRIDGE, George (d. 1861 – 1937)

CRIDGE, George (1888 – 1964)

CRIDGE, John Alexander (d. 11th July, 1986)

CRIDGE, Thomas William (d. 25th July, 1912)

DEAN, Violet Esther (d. 8th November, 1930). Age 5.

DENT, Charles (d. 27th April, 1908)

DUNLOP, Alice Ada (d. 7th August, 1928)

EARLY, Alice Elizabeth (d. 5th May, 1954)

EARLY, Beatrice Stuart (d. 1998)

EARLY, Charles (d. 30th August, 1926)

EARLY, Emily Frances (d. 8th January, 1916)

EARLY, Frederick George (d. 1956)

EARLY, Leslie John (d. 1957).

Additional information from C.Clayton of Whitianga, Coromandel, NZ:

Leslie EARLY married Rosetta Mildred WELLS, daughter of Henry Charles WELLS and Sarah Annie MILLS, Sarah was the daughter of John MILLS and Johanna WITHERS.  John MILLS was my third great granduncle, his older brother William MILLS who also came out to New Zealand was my fourth great grandfather.

EARLY, Sonia Ann (d. 27th April, 1981)

EDBROOKE, Henry (d. 6th February, 1947)

EVANS, Louisa (d. 31st December, 1903). Killed in a train accident at Heathcote. Refer to “Reader Comments” below for further information.

EVISON, Charles (1875 – 1948)

FORD, Emily A (d. 30th October, 1929)

FORRESTER, Matthew Miller (d. 12th October, 1976)

FORSTER, Phebe (d. 7th February, 1903)

FOSTER, Douglas Maxwell (d. 7th April, 1982). RNZAF No. 413746

FOSTER, Steven Gareth (d. 23rd October, 1983)

FREW, John (d. 11th July, 1895). Date of death differs in news report. See “Readers Comments” below for more information.

FREW, John Edgar (d. 4th July, 2002)

FREW, Rose Ann (d. 19th February, 1966).

GIBBS, John Thomas (1843 – 1939)

GIBSON, John W (d. 21st April, 1953)

GIDDINGS – children of George and Mary E. Giddings:

GIDDINGS, George (d. 30th April, 1916). Born Offord, Huntingdonshire, England.

GIDDINGS, Richard (d. 17th December, 1911). Funeral notice.

GILLANDERS, George (d. 15th December, 1993)

GILLANDERS, Hector (d. 11th December, 1892)

GILLANDERS, Hector Macdonald (d. 14th June, 1948)

GILLANDERS, Joyce (d. 13th August, 1977)

GILLANDERS, Mary Ann (d. 1941)

GILLANDERS, Maud Sarah (d. 11th September, 1946)

GOUGH, Charles (d. 29th April, 1881). “Lost in the surf from the wreck of the Tararua“. An engineer on the doomed ship, Charles’ body was identified by his wife, who recognised her own sewing on his clothes.

GOUGH, James (d. 28th December, 1920). Arrived in NZ 1859.

GOUGH, James (d. 1?th November, 1926). Age 9 years.

GOUGH, Lewis Francis (d. 4th July, 1968). Died in Murren, Switzerland.

GOUGH, Thomas (d. 2nd May, 1953)

GOUGH, Thomas Charles (d. 21st December, 1985)

GREEN, William (d. 11th May, 1901)

HARRISON, Lilian Betty (d. 16th March, 1993)

HART, Aubrey George (d. 11th February, 1978)

HEAL, Thomas (d. 26th June, 1959)

HICKS, Alma Elizabeth May (nee Yeatman) (1920 – 2009)

HOLLAND, Emily (d. 31st October, 1937)

HOLLAND, George W (1849 – 1939). “Arrived in NZ 16.10.1863”.

HOLLAND, Margaret (d. 8th June, 1888). Died after “giving birth to premature twins“.

HOLLAND, Robert (d. 4th November, 1888). Died suddenly of heart disease.

JANE, Mary Eddy (d. 18th March, 1888).

Many thanks to blog supporter and reader Ian Newton who provided the following information about Mary Eddy JANE (nee MANN) and Harriett Jane JANE (nee Lane) whose burial is also marked by this headstone.

Mary Eddy Mann was born in Zennor in Cornwall, England and married Alfred Jane on 29 April, 1874 in the Grade Parish Church, Chadwick, Cornwall.  Alfred and Mary Eddy arrived in New Zealand on the St Lawrence on 30 August, 1874.  The couple settled in the Greendale area where Alfred took up farming.  The couple had a family of 6 children.  Mary died on 17 March 1888 on the farm in Greendale as a result of congestion of the lungs and a ruptured blood vessel in the lungs.

And of Harriett Jane JANE (nee Lane) Ian Newton informs us:

Harriet Jane Lane was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England about 1866.  She was previously married to George Cookson Valentine and was a widow when she married Alfred Jane on 8 February 1892 in Greendale.  Alfred and Harriet had 6 children before Harriet died undergoing an operation at Christchurch Public Hospital on 14 June, 1904.

Alfred left the Greendale area about 1907 and went to Heriot in Otago, where he had a son farming.

JARMAN, Burton Elworthy (d. 31st May, 1989). “2nd NZEF No. 16473 Div. Cav.”

JARMAN, Frank Waldron (d. 24th April, 1970)

JARMAN, James Gough (d. 17th November, 1926)

JARMAN, Louisa Jane (d. 18th July, 1923)

JARMAN, Myra Agnes Lilian (d. 21st October, 1999)

JARMAN, Phyllis Amy (1900 – 1937)

JARMAN, Robert Nesslea (d. 14th November, 1957)

JONES, Charles Richmond (1925 – 1981)

JONES (Baby/Stillborn 23 February, 1935)

JONES, Mabel Olive (1895 – 1969)

KAY, Alexander (d. 19th February, 1939)

KAY, Edgar Stanley (d. 3rd November, 1984)

KAY, Richard John (d. 12th January, 1918). Age 4.

KNEALE, Rosaline Helen (1901 – 1938)

LAMB, Benjamin (d. 7th August, 1938)

LOCKER, Mary Jane (d. 2nd November, 1925)

LOCKER, Thomas Henry (d. 6th September, 1956)

LOCKER, William James (d. 27th October, 1959)

MANCIN, George (d. 1st November, 1902)

MANCIN, Jane (d. 28th May, 1889)

MARCH, Samuel (d. 26th August, 1892)

McCROSTIE, Hugh (d. 23rd May, 1908)

McGUINNETY, Ruth (1928 – 1994)

McLAUGHLIN, Colin Ashley (d. 21st May, 1988)

McLAUGHLIN, John Alexander (d. 21st January, 1950)

McLAUGHLIN, Nancy Ashley (d. 15th May, 2003)

McMILLAN, Frances Gladys (d. 29th September, 1975). Nee Barker.

MILLS, John (d. 17th May, 1884). Suicide due to temporary insanity. And his wife Johanna.

MISKIMMIN, Ellen (d. 2nd February, 1955)

MORLAND, Charles James (d. 24th July, 1933)

MORLAND, Graeme Alister (d. 17th March, 1984). Result of accident.

MOOR, Maureen Maisie (d. 29th September, 1987)

MULHOLLAND, Agnes Margaret Estella (d. 11th July, 1996)

MULHOLLAND, Margaret Frances (d. 24th July, 1953)

MULHOLLAND, Rowland Barclay (d. 11th November, 1925). Age 5.

MULHOLLAND, William Walter O.B.E (d. 9th November, 1971)

NAUGHTON, M J (Joe) (1917 – 1986)

NEEDHAM, Catherine Ann (d. 10th September, 1905)

NEEDHAM, Evelyn May (d. 1943)

NEEDHAM, Susie (d. 6th April, 1987)

PASCOE, Barrie Oliver (d. 10th December, 2000)

PASCOE, Leonard (d. 28th July, 1987)

PASCOE, Thomas John (d. 1st September, 1975)

PEARSON, Noreen Marion (d. 13th July, 2009)

POLSON, George McLeod (d. 6th August, 1927)

POLSON, Myra Alice (d. 13th April, 1986)

PUMPA, Jared Christian (d. 4th November, 2005)

READ, Charles Edward (d. 25th March, 1981)

READ, Frances

REDFERN, Charles Olave (d. 15th January, 1987)

REDFERN, John Olave (d. 20th June, 1937)

REID, Dorothy Overland (d. 3rd September, 1975)

REID, Joan (d. 17th April, 1951)

REID, Margaret (d. 30th June, 1945)

REID, Margaret Robertson (d. 25th August, 1919). Age 10. Only child of Robert and M F Reid.

REID, Robert (d. 5th January, 1928). Born Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1856.

RIDGEN, Amy May (d. 31st January, 2009)

RIDGEN, Annie Gertrude (d. 22nd May, 1954)

RIDGEN, Charles Edgar (d. 8th July, 1951)

RIDGEN, Edgar John (d. 16th December, 2005)

RIDGEN, Frank Charles (d. 24th June, 2008)

RIDGEN, George (d. 12th June, 1906)

RIDGEN, Hannah (d. 5th May, 1944)

RIDGEN, Helen Matilda Colee (d. 2nd January, 1917)

RIDGEN, Rachel Elizabeth (d. 22nd July, 1994)

ROULSTON, Lucinda (d. 8th November, 1888)

RUDD, Annie Elizabeth (d. 8th May, 1904)

RUDD, Charles (1882 – 1964)

RUDD, Charles Dodsworth (d. 20th May 1999)

RUDD, Frank Watson (C.Y.C) (d. 22nd October, 1918). Died of sickness and buried in Kantara Military Hospital, Egypt.

RUDD, George (d. 1st July, 1897). Died at the home of his son-in-law.

RUDD, Helen (1893 – 1977)

RUDD, James Watson (d. 4th July, 1903). Accidental death.

Star , Issue 7749, 6 July 1903, Page 3

RUDD, John Dodsworth (d. 16th February, 1931)

RUDD, Jonathan (1884 – 1967)

RUDD, Kate Elizabeth (d. 1945)

RUDD, Laura Jane (1886 – 1969)

RUDD, Mary Louisa (d. 8th August, 1910)

RUDD, Mary Louisa (1894 – 1971)

RUDD, Mildred (1889 – 1964)

RUSSELL, Winifred Frances (d. 5th December, 1956)

SANSON, Alfred (d. 10th January, 1958)

SANSON, James (d. 15th November, 1912)

SANSON, Mary (d. 24th August, 1903). Born Manchester, England.

SHEATE, Mary (d. 26th November, 1921)

SHIPLEY, Burton (d. 7th March, 1911)

SHIPLEY, George Burton (1926 – 2004)

SHIPLEY, Hazel Edna(d. 18th October, 1970)]

SHIPLEY, William (d. 15th September, 1934)

SMITH FAMILY – Annie S (d. 10th February, 1905, age 18), George A (d. 17th May, 1905, age 23), Edmund (d. 1st June, 1906, age 52), Phillip F E (d. 18th April, 1924, age 35), Mary A (d. 7th December, 1946, age 62), Susannah (6th December, 1950, age 87).

SMITH, Mary Jane (d. 27th November, 1892). Daughter of R & A Holland.

SOPER, Ned (d. 16th June, 1898). Death noticeObituary.

STEPHENS, Richard (d. 4th June, 1971)

STEVENSON, William (d. 21st July, 1957). Age 73.

STEVENSON, William (d. 10th January, 1917)

SUTTON, Margaret Ruth (d. 10th March, 2009)

SUTTON, William Richard (d. 6th March, 2002)

TAEGE, Flora (d. 21st September, 1940)

TAEGE, Flora Adelaide (1902 – 1908)

TAEGE, Herman August (d. 27th February, 1959)

TAEGE, Venice Eve (d. 30th July, 1998)

TAYLOR, Leonie Margaret (d. 6th October, 2010)

TAYLOR, Shona (d. 5th September, 2006)

THOMPSON, Doris Ruby (d. 1976)

THOMPSON, Jane (d. 7th June, 1904)

THOMPSON, Laura E (d. 7th March, 1905)

THOMPSON, Robert (d. 10th September, 1999)

THOMPSON, Ruby Minnie (d. 1941)

THOMPSON, Sarah Agnes (d. 1st March, 1949)

TOWNSEND, Arthur C E (d. 2nd February, 1979)

WARD, George (d. 20th November, 1905)

WARREN, Annie Elizabeth (d. 22nd November, 1953)

WARREN, Florence Mary (d. 11th May, 1937). Age 1 day.

WARREN, George (d. 28th August, 1878)

WARREN, John (d. 1st August, 1887)

WARREN, John Wells (d. 5th April, 1947)

WARREN, Margaret (d. 13th January, 1978)

WARREN, Marjorie Ruth (d. 30th January, 1983)

WARREN, Mary Hannah (d. 6th May, 1909). Age 7. Daughter of John and Mary Warren of “Waianiwa”.

WARREN, Mary Jane (d. 9th January, 1927)

WELLS, Eliza (d. 12th April, 1903)

WELLS, Mary A (Martha?) (d. 3 October, 1880)

WICKENS, Alice Jane (d. 1952). Nee Taege.

WILSON, Thomas (d. 1835 – 1910)

WILSON, William Alexander (d.illegible)

YEATMAN, Charles William (1899 – 1978)

YEATMAN, John (d. 3rd September, 1904)


24 thoughts on “Greendale Cemetery

  1. Louisa EVANS [run over by train in Heathcote] was my 1st cousin 3 x removed …
    She was born in 1882, the daughter of Robert John & Mary Ann EVANS nee BULL and worked for Ballantynes & Co. in Christchurch at the time of her death. Her Grandparents Robert & Sarah EVANS [nee KITCHENER] arrived at Lyttelton on board the Cressy in 1850.

    Her death is in paperspast:
    “At the inquest into the death of Louisa Evans, killed on the Christchurch-Lyttelton railway on New Year’s Eve, a verdict of accidentally run over by a train was returned. The evidence showed that the deceased attempted to board a train from the line after it had started from Heathcote station. Deceased was warned by a passenger, who alighted there, not to try to get on the train, but persisted and caught hold of the railing was dragged along. She ultimately let go.”

    According to another newspaper item, she was running alongside the train and attempted to jump on. H3er body was mangled about the thighs and she had head injuries.

    The SHIPLEY’s would be realted to former prime minister Jenny SHIPLEY’s husband. His family came from that area and his name was also Burton SHIPLEY.


    Posted by Sarndra | July 11, 2011, 10:53 am
    • Hi Sarndra – great info, as usual!

      I was planning an Headstone History on Louisa Evans having seen the story on PapersPast – what a tragic accident. I note her mother dies a little under 3 weeks later on 20th January 1904. Do you know if this was connected in “any way” (she says trying to be tactful!).


      Posted by hleggatt | July 11, 2011, 11:28 am
  2. Hi Helen

    *grin* re tactful! Nahh it’s all cool no need for tact here – they’ve been dead a long time!

    Yes i’ve often wondered about the close timing of the mother and daughter’s deaths. I’ve not been able to establish what mother Mary Ann died of but she was youngish having been born c1855 in Buckinghamshire. Mary Ann had remarried to Henry William PARISH 21 May 1889 as her husband Robert EVANS [Louisa’s father] died aged 29 on 13 November 1882, the same year that Louisa was born.

    Robert is buried in St John’s Anglican Cemetery, Ashley Street, Rangiora with his parents
    Robert and Sarah Evans great great great grandparents with 2 of their children

    Is Mary Ann interred with Louisa?


    Posted by Sarndra | July 12, 2011, 10:25 am
  3. Oh thank you so much! Wow it’s still in rather good nick for the age and easy to read. Poor Mary Ann…never had her name on it.

    Dang…now you’ve stirred things up i’ll have to keep digging…so to speak LOL!

    Thanks again that’s brilliant!


    Posted by Sarndra | July 12, 2011, 10:45 am
  4. Possibly a suicide I thought, but i’ve traweled paperspast to death with all sorts of searches and nothing thus far. Suicides back then were well documented. I’ll keep hunting!


    Posted by Sarndra | July 13, 2011, 4:59 am
  5. Me again 🙂

    John FREW was my GGG uncle b 1838 Co. Antrim, Ireland. He married Caroline Sophia EVANS [aged 16] on 17 April 1868 at Rangiora Registry office. They had 18 children between 1868 and 1894.

    I have his death date as 4th July. Caroline remarried on 7 Feb 1912 to John FREW and she died 30 April 1928 and is buried in Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch. [Caroline’s grave http://www.flickr.com/photos/porkynz/3154185961/ ]

    Louisa EVANS mentioned on this post earlier [who died in the train accident] was Neice of John and Caroline [being the daughter of Caroline’s brother Robert John EVANS].


    Posted by Sarndra | August 8, 2011, 11:07 am
  6. Evans, you say.. Interesting! You could be related to my friend and neighbour Elva Innes. Am seeing her tomorrow for coffee, will investigate! 🙂 I know her Frew ancestors are buried in Greendale.

    Posted by hleggatt | August 8, 2011, 12:15 pm
  7. Ahhh yes well i have an Elizabeth INNES 4th cousin 1x removed] with very little information connected to my tree. Parents Murry Alexander INNES and June nee LORD.

    June’s parents were Selwyn Rex and Madeleine LORD nee BISHOP

    Selwyn’s parents were Thoma Priestly and Alice LORD nee EVANS and that is where the connection begins for me.

    Alice’s parents are Joseph Charles and Mary Ann EVANS nee BIRMINGHAM – my GGG aunt and uncle. They are buried in Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch.

    Excerpts from the book MEMORIES OF KOWHAI BUSH
    [Joseph was not Welsh as far as i can tell. He was English born so not 100% sure about the information from the book].

    Joseph Charles EVANS went to Kowai Bush in 1867, from Heathcote. It is said his family came from Wales. He and his wife, Mary Ann Birmingham, had three daughters, Grace, Alice and Mabel.

    The house at Kowai Bush was built in the evenings by J C EVANS after he had finished his day’s work. It was made of cob, and later additions – a kitchen and an extra bedroom opening to the outside – were made of wood. Cooking was originally on an open fire and then a Scott range. Coal was not used, only wood for firing. Water for use in the house was carried from the creek. The wash house was known as the Whare and was next door to a room used by the farm worker.

    Joseph EVANS brought fish up from Christchurch to stock the creek and he often drove a buggy and pair to take visitors to Springfield.

    Mary EVANS was a very good cook – especilly pastry, sponges and scones, and she was well known for a good table. She made her own buter to sell. She also took in paying guests from time to time.

    Horses on the EVANS farm were Kelly, used for ploughing and in the harness, and Toby. Joseph often shod his own horses.

    The EVANS farm was mainly sheep farming. End.

    At one stage the Kowai Bush Post Office was situated in Josephs home. (1880’s). The post office closed suddenly on 2-3-1885. The service was reopened 10 years later on 15-10-1895. Situated in a new building a hundred metres down Kowai Bush Road from Joe Evans’ House.

    Joe also was one of the Kowai School Committees chairmen.

    Joe EVANS, a comically arrogant yet somewhat dogmatic chap of Welsh decent (I have yet to trace this – Sarndra) with his formidable long bushy beard, a distinguished speaker, well known for his impromptu speeches in the district.

    Not long after completing his sod house – Joe and his wife Mary Anne, set up what was to become perhaps the finet Guest House in Kowai Bush – with Joe driving his famous horse and buggy to and from Springfield – taking visitors – another first for Joseph Evans – the district’s first Taxi Service, bearing in mind, in those early days, the lack of road bridges into Kowai Bush, meant he had to transport his ‘Guests’ via the sometimes dangerous – yet often, unpredictable ford of the Kowai River. They had many prominent people stay at their Guest House, including Sir Baden Powell and the Plunkets.

    The Evans’s house was up a long drive lined with trees – called “The Lane”, now known as “Lords Lane”. The farm mainly carried sheep – which were killed for the Guest House.

    On 15 May 1905, she received a letter from Government House, Wellington requesting a booking arrangement for the then Governor-General Sir William Lee Plunket, the Fifth Baron of Plunket-G.C.V.O. -G.C.M.G. -K.B.E. -K.G. and his wife Lady Plunket.


    Posted by Sarndra | August 8, 2011, 7:06 pm
  8. Greendale Cemetery is the burial place of my MEE grandparents….Thomas & Caroline …..also commemorated on their headstone is their son Alexander Reginald MEE who died during the First World War. The Mee family lived at the farm “Omaha” near Aylesbury.

    Posted by Nancy McLaughlin | August 17, 2011, 7:44 am
    • Hi Nancy – that’s interesting, I don’t have an image for a MEE headstone. Do you know if it is still standing? I only have 4 headstones I need to re-check there as hard to read but none appear to be MEE.

      Posted by hleggatt | August 17, 2011, 7:57 am
      • Sorry to be so long in getting back to this site! There certainly used to be a MEE headstone there, but it is now some years since I have checked. Hope the earthquake didn’t finish it off!

        Posted by Nancy McLaughlin | April 8, 2012, 9:20 am
      • Just posting again as we popped into the Greendale Cemetery a week or so back. The MEE headstone is still there, plain as can be, not far from the JARMAN plot.

        Posted by Nancy McLaughlin | August 19, 2012, 9:50 am
      • Hi Nancy – I wonder if this is the MEE headstone that was face-down (next to Jarman’s) when I visited? It was in one piece (old white stone) but inscription was face down?

        Posted by hleggatt | September 17, 2012, 2:25 am
      • Will try and call in again at the Cemetery sometime soon, and will make sure we have a camera with us this time. As I remember it from last month, the MEE headstone didn’t appear to have been newly repaired in any way, nor recently put back in place. Looked just the same as I remembered it!

        Posted by Nancy McLaughlin | September 17, 2012, 4:55 am
  9. greendale cemetery is the burial place of my grandparents Frederick George and Emma Grace Early. Their daughter Lorna is my (now deceased) mother.

    Liz Vining(Armstrong)

    Posted by Liz Vining | August 25, 2011, 7:09 am
    • i enjoyed many a holiday at grandma earlys as a child. lots of names on this headstone list that i remember well, going to visit grandmas friends, the Rudd sisters, Ridgens, and many more. and my grandma had the library in her side room which was neat. Happy days indeed 🙂

      Posted by Liz Vining | August 25, 2011, 7:14 am
  10. Hi – thanks for all the work you have done in putting this information together. My paternal grandmother was born at Greendale in 1886 – her family (HANN) settled there in 1876. I was surprised not to see any headstones for this family, as there should be at least 8. They were Primitive Methodists – maybe didn’t go in for elaborate headstones? but there should be some marker. If anyone can shed any light on this I’d be most grateful. Names that I’m looking for are: Eli, Sarah, Henry James, Charles, Annie, John, Albert (Bertie), and Fanny Eliza Hann. There’s also Ethel Sarah Locker (nee Hann), wife of Thomas Henry Locker (whose headstone you do have recorded above.

    Posted by Jennifer | September 17, 2012, 12:08 am
  11. Hi Everyone
    The Greendale cemetery is now been fully repaired. The council have down a good job, but a number of headstone have been laid down to piece them together especially the old marble ones. It is now well worth the trip.

    Posted by John Clarkson | April 14, 2013, 8:09 am
  12. A further note re the MEE graves….Anglican section 43 and 44 C. The Selwyn Cemeteries are now all on-line: http://rates.selwyn.govt.nz/cemeteries/plot_records/search

    Nancy McLaughlin.

    Posted by enzedder36 | April 6, 2014, 8:18 am

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