Halkett Presbyterian
Star , Issue 1784, 15 November 1873, Page 2

Star , Issue 1784, 15 November 1873, Page 2

Halkett Presbyterian Church opened its doors on 26 October, 1873. Newspapers of the day said it could seat 100 people. It was situated almost in the centre of Halkett, a rural area between West Melton and Courtenay that was formerly a large sheep run. The Church is situated on Halkett Road

Halkett gets its name from a Captain Halkett, who purchased a large chunk of land in the area, and also presented land for a school to be built.

There are two places of worship within the boundaries of Halkett; St Matthew’s, an Anglican church, and this Presbyterian church.

The adjoining cemetery is small, and contains the remains of some of the area’s earliest settlers including McKay, Whyte, Henderson and Ford.

Interestingly, the minute books for Halkett Presbyterian Church prior to 1887 are missing and, as far as I am aware, have yet to be found. According to the New Zealand Presbyterian archives, “Efforts by the resident Minister as late as 1984 to uncover the records proved fruitless”.

Cemetery View 1

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CALDER, Alexander and Robert (d. 22nd December, 1904). Both accidently drowned at Motanau. Ages 27 and 12 respectively. Also Annie their sister who died at 6 years on 21st June 1896.

CALDER Alexander and Robert 1 (Small)

CALDER, Alexander Benjamin (d. 5th March, 1993). Also his wife Gwendoline Lucy (d. 3rd September, 2000).

CALDER Alexander Benjamin 1 (Small)

ELSTOB, Basil John (d. 13th May, 1997). Age 57. Also his wife, Heather Mary (nee McKay) (d. 25th April, 2009).

ELSTOB Basil John 1 (Small)

HENDERSON, Henry Arthur (d. 8th March, 1914). Age 20. Also his brother, Gilbert (d. 30th December, 1938). Age 57. Both sons of Gilbert and Margaret Henderson.

HENDERSON Henry Arthur 1 (Small)

HENDERSON, William David (d. 8th February, 2006).

HENDERSON David William 1 (Small)

HERON, John (d. 3rd August, 1890). Age 54. Also his son James Heron (d. 24th January, 1885). Age 1 year and 9 months.

HERON John 1 (Small)

JULIAN, Ann Doreen (nee CALDER) (d. 15th January, 2009). Wife of David Symons Julian.

JULIAN Ann Doreen 1 (Small)

MACKAY, Alexander (d. 20th March, 1911). Age 86.

MACKAY Alexander 1 (Small)

MACKAY, George (d. 27th July, 1925). Also his wife Mary (d. 22nd May, 1951). Age 91. Also their infant son John.

MACKAY George 1 (Small)

MACKAY, Margaret (d. 7th December, 1915). Age 80. Wife of Alexander Mackay.

MACKAY Alexander 2 (Small)

MAILER, David (d. 27th March, 1886). Age 28. Youngest son of John Mailer, farmer of Doune, Scotland.

MAILER David 1 (Small)

McKAY, Angus Hector (d. 14th March, 1969). Age 65. Also his wife, Marjorie Sybil Jean (d. 23rd May, 2001). Age 89.

McKAY Angus Hector 1 (Small)

McKAY, Charles Stewart (d. 19th February, 1969). Also his wife, May (d. 24th August, 1984).

McKAY Charles Stewart 1 (Small)

McKAY, Donald (d. 8th September, 1990). Also his wife Beryl Janet (d. 20th November, 2007).

MCKAY Donald 1 (Small)

McMEEKAN, Annie Joan (d. 22nd September, 1939). Age 29. Also their infant son Hamilton. Also Letitia A McMeekan, wife of William Edward McMeekan (d. 24th October, 1950) (same date as her husband, below?).

McMEEKAN Annie 1 (Small)

McMEEKAN, William Edward (Sgt.) (d. 24th October, 1950).

McMEEKAN William Edward 1 (Small)

OAKLEY, John (d. 16th January, 1896). Age 43. Also his son John Edward (d. 5th February 1881). Age 4. Also his wife Emma (d. 6th August, 1929). Age 77. Also Mary Peagram (d. 27th May, 1898). Age 81.

OAKLEY John 1 (Small)

PASCOE, Jean Kathleen (d. 14th August, 1988). Also her husband, Albert (d. 30th October, 2005).

PASCOE Jean Kathleen 1 (Small)

PETRIE, Charles (d. 27th November, 1981). Also his wife Mary Isobel (d. 6th March, 2001).

PETRIE Charles 1 (Small)

SAUNDERS, Alan Derrick (d. 29th January, 2004). Husband of Margaret Jane (Peggy).

SAUNDERS Alan Derrick 1 (Small)

SYME, Harriett Ann (d. 30th June, 1950).

PASCOE Jean Kathleen 1 (Small)

TAYLOR, William John (d. 9th May, 1899). Age 68. Also his son, William John (d. 11th September, 1891). Age 22. Also their son James Taylor (d. 15th February, 1912). Age 33. Also his wife Anne (d. 23rd January, 1918). Age 75.

TAYLOR William John 1 (Small)

THOMSON, Mary McCallum (d. 4th May, 1898). Age 68. Wife of David Thomson.

THOMSON Mary McCallum 1 (Small)

THOMSON, William (d. 22nd January, 1927). Age 74. A native of the Shetland Islands. Also his wife, Isabella Susannah (d. 4th April, 1929). Age 61.

THOMSON William 1 (Small)

WHYTE, Arthur William (d. 7th March, 1888). Age 16. Also his brother David Mailer Whyte (d. 17th August, 1902). Age 16.5 years. Also their brother Arthur James Whyte (d. 9th December, 1906). Age 18. All sons of William and Mary Ann Whyte.

WHYTE Arthur William 1 (Small)

WHYTE, Francis (d. 10th January, 1940). Age 50. Husband of Catherine Whyte and son of Peter Whyte.

WHYTE Francis 1 (Small)

WHYTE, Mary Jane (d. 28th May, 1928). Age 78. Wife of Peter Whyte.

WHYTE Mary Jane 1 (Small)

WHYTE, Peter (d. 9th December, 1913). Age 73.

WHYTE Peter 1 (Small)

WHYTE, William (d. 23rd April, 1915). Age 76. Also his wife Mary Ann (d.22nd December, 1923). Also their son, Frederick George (d. 19th August, 1920). Age 50.

WHYTE William 1 (Small)

WYBER, Donald Stewart (d. 14th September, 2010). Age 68.

WYBER Donald Stewart 1 (Small)


3 thoughts on “Halkett Presbyterian

  1. I am just. Starting to trace my family history. I remember being told my great great grandfather William Calder was the first minister of the Halkett Presbyterian Church. He died at a
    young age however his wife continued to be a very active member.

    Posted by William Calder | August 27, 2013, 11:31 am
  2. My kin is buried here. My 4th Great Aunt Isabel McLennan nee Matheson. I have ancestry.com records of my Matheson kin back to Scotland. My Great Grandmother Charlotte Wade nee Matheson.

    Posted by Billington | December 7, 2018, 11:02 pm

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