Kimberley Cemetery (near Darfield)

from the Star, 27th September 1879 courtesy Papers Past

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The first meeting of the Kimberley Cemetery Board took place on 10 April 1879. As the above newspaper snippet suggests, trustees were soon appointed to oversee the maintenance of the 40,000 m2 area. Today the cemetery is well kept and ordered, thanks to the allocated rows of plots.

The first interment was in 1879.

Plots are laid out in two blocks, it being decided early on to allocate Block A to the Church of England (Anglicans) and Block B to the Presbyterians. Today there is also a Block C which  remains an open grassed area.

Cemeteries close to Kimberley include Darfield Roman Catholic, Courtenay, Kirwee (St George’s Church), Kirwee Public Cemetery, West Melton, Waddington and Springfield.


High-resolution photographs of the grave are available, plus one or two of the cemetery/church if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

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ASHER, Alfred Kenneth (d. 31st August, 2000)

BEAMAN, Jonathan (d. 1933)

BEATTY, Ivan John (d. 10th May, 2005)

BEATTY, Sidney Wilfred (d. 26th October, 1959)

BILBROUGH, Margaret Helen (d. 22nd March, 1979)

BOULTON, James (d. 10th November, 1923) Aged 3 weeks.

BOULTON, Murray Meikle (d. 3rd May, 1999)

BOULTON, Richard Arthur (d. 19th July, 1958)

BOULTON, Richard Arthur (d. 31st January, 1995)

BROWN, Elizabeth (d. 11th August, 1915)

BROWN, John (d. 29th May, 1921)

BUTLER, Clara Frances (d. 30th December, 1869)

BUTTLE, George John (1917 – 2001)

BUTTLE, Henry John (d.15th February, 1952)

BUTTLE, Isabella Mary (d. 1st January, 1960)

BUTTLE, John Erwin (d. 10th October, 1990)

BUTTLE, Samuel Henry Charles (d. 15th September, 2007). Husband of Ruth Hilda.

CHURCHWARD, Alice (d. 26th July, 1940)

CLARK, Duncan John (1921 – 2002)

COLEMAN, G. D. B. (d. 2nd October, 1991)

COWAN, Hugh Kennedy (d. 6th May, 1894)

DAWSON, John Walter Rae (1924 – 1993). And his wife Joy.

DEANS, David McIlraith Austen (d. 10th July, 2007)

DEANS, Nora (Norna) (d. 2nd September, 1973). Wife of Alexander (Alister) Deans buried at Passchendale, Belgium 2nd October 1917)

DE HAVILLAND McGEE, Paul (d. 17th September, 2009)

DONALD, Elizabeth J (d. 9th June, 1920)

EDE, Florence Daphnia (d. 1968)

EDE, Margaret (d. 20th September, 1922).

EDE, William (d. 1st July, 1945)

FECHNEY, Ronald Melville (d. 21st April, 2002) and his wife Lillian Fay (nee REED)

FEUTZ, Letitia Olive (d. 26th November, 2001)

GARDNER, Lionel Hubert (d. 26th August, 2001)

GUNN, John (d. 28th May, 1895)

GUNN, John (d. 7th January, 1919)

GUNN, Lily Margaret (d. 6th June, 1905)

GUNN, William (d. 13th May, 1919)

HANNANT, Dennis (d. 6th December, 1944)

HANNANT, Joshua James (d. 9th January, 1909)

HART, Joseph (d. 1946)

HERBERT, Joseph (d. 1940)

HEWITT, Albert John (d. 10th August, 2009)

HEWITT, Leslie Butler (d. 3rd April, 1969)

INGLIS, Jean Evelyn (d. 31st January, 1990)

INGLIS, Oliver Lancelot (d. 27th July, 1937)

INKSTER, Myra Lucinda (d. 22nd August, 2010)

JENKINS, Emma Rebecca (d. 19th July, 1980). Age 83.

JENKINS, Kathryn Norma (d. 6th April, 2005)

JOHNSTON, Thomas Underwood (d. 22nd August, 1951)

JOWERS, Jessie May (d. 7th December, 1950)

JUSTICE, John Howard (d. 26th September, 2006)

KARS, Brian Eric (d. 30th November, 1997)

KENT, Margaret Elizabeth (d. 1918 – 2004)

KNIGHT, Henry Arthur (d. 3rd October, 1935). A relative to author Jane Austen. Two memorials in cemetery to same person.

KNOWLES, Margaret E (d. 26th August, 1995)

LLOYD, Ada Celia (d. 1935)

LYSAGHT, Andrew John (d. 31st October, 1983)

MacAULAY, Allan Lewis (d. 22 March, 1985)

MacKENZIE, John Alexander (d. 1st July, 1997). Born Fife, Scotland.

MACKAY, Joseph (d. August 1925)

MANSON, Ada Edith (d. 4th January, 1946)

MANSON, Colin Campbell Charles (d. 12th May, 1986)

MANSON, Francis James (d. 29th July, 2005)

MANSON, George (d. 1st September, 1944)

MANSON, James (d. 28th October, 1903)

MANSON, James (d. 3rd August, 1930).

MANSON, Jane (d. 7th July, 1947)

MANSON, John James Russell (d. 4th April, 1992)

MANSON, Lucy Elizabeth (d. 7th November, 1934). Wife of Frederick Alfred Reeve Manson.

MANSON, Robert (d. 24th July, 1948)

MARKBY, Ian Eugene Inglis (d. 26th April, 2000)

MASTERTON, June Alison (d. 2nd June, 2010)

MATHIAS, Charles Herbert (d. 1956)

MATHIAS, Herbert John (d. 13th September, 1885) “A True Colonist”

MATHIAS, Lucy (d. 23rd October, 1915)

MAY, Warwick Nelson (d. 13th March, 2006)

McBEATH, Roderick (Junr) (d. 16th February, 1880). Killed accidentally at Kimberley. Age 14.

McCAUGHAN, Jean (d. 30th July, 2003). Age 82.

McCAUSLAND, Douglas Campbell (d. 2nd October, 2007)

McCAUSLAND, Charles (d. 28th November, 1912)

McCAUSLAND, William (d. 25th April, 1886)

McCLELLAND, Francis (d. 24th July, 1915)

McELDOWNEY, Karen Elizabeth (d. 29th September, 1986). Age 9 years.

McELDOWNEY, Margaret Elizabeth (d. 26th July, 1981).

MITCHELL, Heather Stuart (d. 24th July, 2009)

MOLLAND, Mary Susannah (d. 19th February, 1996)

OTTEN, Albert Alfred (d. 23rd April, 1927)

PASCOE, R B (Reg) (d. 6th March, 2004). Age 85.

PATTERSON, Robin Sinclair (d. 4th January, 2004)

PLUCK, Nellie Doreen (d. 3rd September, 1982) and her husband Reginald Thomas

POLSON, George McLeod (d. 15th July, 1884). Age 41.

PRIEST, Claude Edward (d. 2nd April, 1934). Eldest son of T & J Priest. Age 24.

PRIEST, Norman (d. 1930)

PROUTING, Arthur Butler Sturrock (d. 13th November, 1980)

RAE, Martha Jane (d. 6th September, 1912)

REED, Adelaide (d. 18th June, 1955)

REED, Barton Geoffrey (d. 15th June, 2005)

REED, Geoffrey Hubert (d. 21st April, 1972)

REED, Jonathon Barton (d. 20th January, 1979)

REED, Kenneth Roland (d. 5th January, 2003). Of “Broadgate”.

REED, Mary Ann Horrell (d. 26th March, 1902)

REED, Roland Karl (d. 8th April, 1983)

REED, Rosemary (d. 29th May, 1958). 3 days old, baby daughter of John and Lyneve.

REED, William (d. 2nd October, 1914)

REVELEY, Bell (d. 28th June, 1902)

REVELEY, Bell (d. 13th June, 1927)

REVELEY Colin (simple wooden cross, no dates/info)

REVELEY, Duncan (d. 22nd November, 1988)

REVELEY, Groves (d. 7th May, 1945)

REVELEY, Hannah (d. 17th May, 1912)

REVELEY, Hannah (d. 1933)

REVELEY, John (d. 7th September, 1925)

REVELEY, Martha Susan (d. 22nd September, 1942)

REVELEY, Percy Earnest (d. 25th March, 1982)

REVELEY, Tom (d. 8th October, 1923)

SANDERSON, Vernon (d. 8th April, 2008) and his wife Georginia (Ena) nee Booth.

SCHNELL, Judith Ann (d. 1st August, 2008). Nee Reed.

SHIPLEY, Jean Clare (d. 12th August, 2009)

SIMPSON, Robert (d. 1935)

SMITH, Edward Skene (d. 19th May, 1989)

SMITH, Rachel Ann (d. 29th June, 1971)

SNOYINK, Gene Jules (d. 30th April, 1995)

SPENCER, Robert Allen (d. 21st November, 1896)

STAPLETON, John Phillip (d. 3rd June, 1996)

STEELE, Mary Helen (d. 19th July, 1999)

STEENWYK, Cornelis (1915 – 1997) and his wife Elly Antoinette

STEWART, Paul Lyall (d. 2nd May, 2009)

STOTT, Alfred Alexander Allan (d. 14th August, 1997)

STUART, Charles (d. 12th May, 1883) Gravestone toppled by earthquake on to its front.

STUART, Murray James (d. 29th November, 1996)

TELFER, Graeme Murray (d. 20th January, 2006)

THOMPSON, Ada Rose (d. 1977)

UNDERWOOD, Thomas (d. 22nd August, 1951)

WALL, Walter James (d. 1922 – 2004)

WARDS, Mary Alice (d. 24th March, 2007)

WOODHOUSE, Gladys Knight (d. 15th April, 1971) and husband John Westenra Woodhouse.

WOODHOUSE, John Harry Knight (d. 6th January, 1996)

WOODHOUSE, John Westenra (d. 24th September, 1971)


4 thoughts on “Kimberley Cemetery (near Darfield)

  1. Hi Helen
    Can I please have a copy of the image of Albert Alfred OTTEN

    Posted by Michelle Cook nee Chammen | January 28, 2012, 6:37 pm
  2. ~Henry John BUTTLE is my partners GG uncle. ‘Wexford’ – Henry’s estate was named after Co. Wexford in Ireland where he was born. He was one of 15 children born to John BUTTLE [1841 Craan, Co. Wexford -1920 Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford] and Annie nee ROBERTS [1852 Canada – 1934 Christchurch].

    ~Isabella Mary BUTTLE is of course his wife.

    Take care

    Posted by Sarndra | March 24, 2013, 9:51 am
  3. Hello Helen. Wonder if I could have copies of the Buttle graves at Kimberley please? Overseas relative would like to see them. Thanks so much! Trust your busy life is going well!

    Posted by magnaquies | January 30, 2015, 8:46 am

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