St James’ Anglican Church and Cemetery, Papanui/Harewood

** COMPLETE ** Papanui (“big plain” in Maori) was first settled in the early 1850s when Christchurch city was first being established. The vast area of native bush provided most of the timber needed to build Christchurch’s first buildings.

The first Anglican Church in Papanui was situated near where the current St Paul’s Church stands. As the area grew, a new church, St James’ Anglican, was established further west along Harewood Road.

Harewood Road, heading westwards from the junction of Papanui Road and Main North Road, led to a rural settlement established near the northern end of the runway of the present Christchurch International Airport (originally Harewood Airport, established in 1940).

The first settlers in this new western region of Papanui were John and Mary Stanley, Henry Nunweek and Hubert Gardiner, whose names are preserved in the roads and park named after them. They are buried in the cemetery attached to St James’ Anglican church.

The first service was held on Palm Sunday, 13 April 1862. At that time it was a small wooden church, which was replaced by the present one in 1935.

Unlike many of Canterbury’s older churches, St James has survived both Canterbury earthquakes largely unscathed.


High-resolution photographs of the grave are available, plus one or two of the cemetery/church if applicable. This includes a full transcription, particularly for those stones that are hard to read or eroded.

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These images are copyright Hunting Kiwis (2010-2012)

ALLNUTT, Arthur (d. 29th October, 1918). And his wife Mary Jane (d. 21st September, 1919). Also William Allnutt (1859 – 1936).

ANTxxx, Robert (d. 21st October, 1905). Age 70.

BISHOP, Meddey (d. 7th May, 1900). Age 76. Also her husband William Bishop (d. 26th October, 1903). Age 74. Also Arthur Bishop (d. 12th December, 1858) age 1 year 9 months. Also Sarah Bishop (d. 12th June, 1876) age 14. William and Meddey arrived at Lyttleton on the ‘Strathallan‘ in 1859. Having left England with their 2 children, they may have arrived with just one. Extracts from a diary of the voyage note that, “Mrs Bishop’s child died last night. The cabin steward went into the hospital on Thursday. Row between the captain and boatswain; between the boatswain and little Jimmy the sailor and general quarrelling. Child buried between 12 and 1. Heavy seas during the service.”

BISHOP, Robert (d. 22nd July, 1909). Age 82. An early settler – arrived on the ‘Caroline Agnes’ in 1855. According to the passenger list Robert was a gardener and would have been around age 28 when he arrived. No other passengers are associated with him so he must have arrived alone.

BOAKES, George (d. unknown). Badly broken headstone. Husband of “above” and Christina Boakes.

BOAKES, Mary (d. 23rd November, 1913) Badly broken headstone.Wife of George Boakes.

BROWN, James (d. 4th September, 1920). Age 40. And his wife Mary (d. 19th October, 1935) age 70.

BUCHLY, Albert (d. 22nd July, 1947). Also his wife Emma (d. 10th February, 1953).

BUCHLY, Albert Valentine (d. 25th August, 1924). 22nd REIN’Fs. Age 30. Son of Albert and Emma.

BUCHLY, Laura Amy (d. 26th July, 1969). Also her husband Leonard Arthur Buchly (d. 29th May, 1979).

BUCHLY, William (d. 27th April, 1906). Second son of V and M Buchly. Killed in a railway accident. Age 46.

BURN, Thomas (d. 3rd September, 1923). Also his wife Fanny (d. 1st January, 1940).

BURROWS, Mary Ann (d. 31st October, 1928). Age 76. Also her husband John Burrows (d. 25th August, 1939). Age 78.

CLARIDGE, Meddey (d. 3rd May, 1915). Wife of William Claridge (d. 12th November, 1937) third son of Thomas and Elizabeth Claridge who came out to NZ on the ‘Castle Eden‘ in 1851.

CLARK, Sarah Ann (d. 21st February, 1908). And her husband William Clark (d. 17th July, 1909).

CLARKSON, George (d. 10th August, 1901). Age 62.

CLELAND, James Johnston (1865 – 1946). And his wife Eliza Jane Cleland (1868 — 1955). Also their daughter Violet Cleland (1897 – 1970).

CLELAND, Minnie (d. 29th March, 1924). Age 23. Daughter of Johnston and Eliza Cleland.

COLLINGWOOD, Neil David (d. 25th May, 1995). And his wife Ida (Gwyneth) Collingwood (d. 2nd May, 2007).

DAWKINS, Charlie (d. 1st July, 1909). Age 9. Only son of H(ector) and M(ary) Dawkins of Harewood Road – as per news report (Star , Issue 9584, 2 July 1909, Page 3).

DIXON, Ethel Lilian (d. 9th May, 1973).

DIXON, John Thomas (1863 – 1945). Also  his wife Margaret (1879 – 1967).

DONALDSON, Robert John Stanley (d. 14th February, 1961). Age 25.

DUREY, George Frederick (1861 – 1935). Also his wife Annie Elizabeth (1864 – 1955), nee Wooldridge, daughter of H Wooldridge. Also their son Fred (1887 – 1918). Died in France.

FOSTER, William (d. 7th July, 1954). Age 71. Also his wife Edith Emily Foster (d. 3rd July, 1979). Age 95.

FOSTER, Wilfred John (d. 20th December, 1973). Age 67.

FRAZER, Judith Anne (d. 1st November, 1950). Age 1 month.

GIBBS, George William (d. 7th February, 1964). Also his wife Nellie Elizabeth (d. 18th July, 1975).

GLOISTEIN, Barbara (d. 9th October, 1910). Nee Krebbs. Wife of Henry (see below).

GLOISTEIN, Henry (d. 30th January, 1924). Age 82. AKA Herman Heinrich Gloistein b. February 16, 1843 in Uthelde, Hanover, Germany. Emigrated to NZ on the ‘Himalaya’ arriving lyttleton 13 March 1873. Naturalised a NZ citizen 10 Aug 1887.

GREEN, Clifford Stanley (d. 13th February, 2006). And his wife Daphne Evelyn Green (nee Pepper) (d. 3 April, 2006).

GREEN, Edwin Vivian (1896 – 1977). Husband of Ivy.

GREEN, Ivy May (1893 – 1974). Wife of Edwin Vivian Green.

HAMPTON, Ella Ivy (d. 11th September, 1940). Age 46.

HOCKEY, John Churchill (d.25th August, 1941). And his wife Martha (d. 12th July, 1928).

HOCKEY, Matilda (d. 2nd July, 1918). Plus husband Walter Hockey (d. 16th July, 1929).

HOCKEY, Violet (1888 – 1951). Also her husband Frederick William Hockey (1884 – 1961). Frederick Hockey farmed on Harewood Road. Frederick William Hockey, a farmer, sold land for state housing in the Harewood Road-Wairakei Road area in 1955.

HOCKEY, Walter Richard (1870 – 1928). And his wife Edith E Hockey (1869 – 1951).


JESSON, Edward (d. 15th September, 1907). Age 73. Also his wife Margaret Maria Jesson (d. 15th June, 1914). Also William G Jesson (1873 – 1952) and his wife Sophia (nee Edgar) (d. 13th December, 1966).

JESSON, Edward (d. 23rd September, 1918). Age 50.

JESSON, John (d. 11th August, 1900). Also his wife Mary Elizabeth (d. 5th April, 1903), their third son William Claude (d. 29th  August, 1889) age 18 and their daughter, Mabel Catherine (d. 8th August, 1912) age 32.

JESSON, Katharine (d. 27th May, 1948). Age 67.

JESSON, Leslie A J (d. 7th August, 1915). Killed in action at Gallipoli. Age 30. He is commemorated on the New Zealand Memorial at Chunuk Bair.  Also Ernest J Jesson (d. 5th September 1916). Killed in action at The Somme, France, reported missing on the first day of the battle of Flers-Courcellette. Age 34. Auckland Infantry Regiment.

JESSON, Leslie William (d. 25th May, 2004). Husband of Betty Doreen Jesson.

JESSON, Percy Edward (d. 1905 – 1986). Son of Edward and Katharine. Also his wife Margaret (nee Lightbody).

JEWITT, Thomas (d. 20th June, 1906). Age 45.

JOHNSTON, Murray Ray (d. 20th July, 1951). Age 5 months.

KING, Ivy Ruby Leah (1887 – 1968). Also her husband William John King (1889 – 1979).

KING, Ray (d. 16th June, 1932). Age 8. Son of E and M King.

LANE, James (1830 – 1900). Also his wife Elizabeth Ellen (1842 – 1927).

LOCHHEAD, Robert Roy Reginald (d. 19th February, 1971)

MITCHELL, Andrew (d. 9th October, 1901). Also his wife Jane (d. 12th October, 1919). Note how the headstone has rotated on its base. This type of earthquake damage has been seen on many affected monoliths.

MONKMAN, John (d. 13th May, 1903). Age 70. Also his wife Mary Ann (d. 14th September, 1910). Age 72.

NUNWEEK, Gertrude (1904 – 1996).

NUNWEEK, Matilda (d. 11th February, 1891). Nee Stonehewer. Age 62. Also her husband Henry Nunweek (d. 19th September, 1914). Age 89. Henry was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1830, and arrived at Lyttelton on the ‘Joseph Fletcher’, in 1856 – note they are listed as “Nunwich” on the passenger list. He was a fruit farmer in the Harewood area.

NUNWEEK, Richard (d. May 1916). Age 62. Son on Henry and Matilda.

NUNWEEK, Thomas (1865 – 1936). Also his wife Louisa (d. 12th April, 1951).

NUNWEEK, Trevor (d. May 2005).

NUNWEEK, William (d. 19th April, 1923). Husband of Julia.

PEARSON, James William (1873 – 1950). Inscription reads “Also his infant son”.

READMAN, John (d. 9th August, 1914). Also his wife Maggie Isobel (d. 26th April, 1947).

REESE, Eliza Ann (d. 1914) Age 88.

REESE, William and Bert L. (Herbert Lewis) (no dates). “In Loving Memory of our Beloved Sons”

REESE, John (d. 1892). Age 77. Born 26 Mar 1815 Penhow, Llanmartin, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK.

REID, Henry (1871 – 1945). Also his wife Elizabeth Reid (d. 7th August, 1951).

SEDMAN, Harriet (1868 – 1953).

SHIPLEY, George (d. 10th September, 1938). Born at Greendale 5th December 1878. Died at Harewood. Also his wife, Annie (d. 24th August, 1945).

STANLEY, George Henry (1863 – 1944). Also his wife Annie Maria (1868 – 1945) nee Pester.

STANLEY, Gladys Iris (d. 15th April, 1939). Second daughter of George Henry and Annie M Stanley.

STANLEY, Henry George (d. 27th April, 1905). Age 16. Eldest son of C H and A M Stanley. Also their younger son, Victor Gladstone Stanley, who died 28th November, 1918, age 21.

STANLEY, Jack (d. 20th May, 1957). Age 68. Son of Thomas Court Stanley and Louisa Ellen.

STANLEY, John (d. 11th June, 1891). Age 64. And his wife Mary Stanley (d. 1st December, 1901). Age 71. John and Mary were among the earliest settlers in Canterbury. According to John Stanley’s obituary in The Press (Press, Volume XLVIII, Issue 7890, 15 June 1891, Page 3), John and Mary arrived on one of the now famous first four ships – the Randolph – on 16th December, 1850. Together they had 10 sons and daughters. At the time of his death John Stanley had built up a huge and successful 40-acre orchard in the Harewood Road area. John Stanley shipped over cuttings of apple trees from England and introduced the Cox’s Orange variety into Canterbury. John was born in 1826 in Broadway, Worcestershire, England.

STANLEY, Thomas Court (d. 16th June, 1935). Also his wife Louisa Ellen (d. 18th November, 1949).

STREETLEY, Leslie Ronald (1935 – 1938).

SUTCLIFFE, Margaret (d. 2nd September, 1896). Nee Atkinson. Married Richard Sutcliffe 5th March 1857.

SUTCLIFFE, Richard (d. 18th November, 1898). According to a death notice in The Press on 19th November, Richard died suddenly at his residence on Sawyers’ Arms Road.He was the eldest son of Richard Sutcliffe (deceased).

THORNTON, Frank Harewood (d. 23rd March, 1905). Age 8. Son of W and M J Thornton. Also their son William Claude Thornton, killed in action in Palestine 25th November, 1917, age 25. Also the husband of their daugher Olive Thornton, Maurice Wilson, who died 1st December, 1918, age 29.

THORNTON, Margaret Jane (1863 – 1939). Also her husband William Thornton (1863 – 1939). Also their son Albert Edward Thornton (1901 – 1939).

TULETT, Albert John (d. 28th August, 1945). Wife is Violet Tulett.

TULETT, Cyril Sydney (d. 7th September, 1942). NZA – 1939-1945. GNR/231563. Killed in military accident age 27. Son of James William and Waitara. News report of car accident Cyril was involved in (Dec 1938). He would later become a soldier and be killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling with the Army near Pahiatua.

TULETT, George Nicholas (d. January 1903). Age 17. Sone of J and F Tulett. Also Fanny, mother of George, died 10th January, 1933.

TULETT, James William (d. 9th May, 1932). Age 51. Also his wife Waitara (d. 11th May, 1937). Age 57.

TULETT, Ronald Henry (d. 23rd September, 1973). Age 64.

TULETT, Roy Everett (d. 30th July, 1986). Twin son of James William and Waitara.

TURNER, Errol – Age 12. Also Frederick, age 27 – killed in action 12th August 1944 in Italy. Both sons of Frederick and Dorothy Turner.

TURNER, Frederick (d. 5th December, 1981). Age 90. Also his wife Dorothy Ethel (d. 17th February, 1994). Also ‘wee Graham’ (d. 17th July, 1932). Age 7 months.

TURNER, Jonah (d. 12th August, 1903). Age 51. Also his wife Mary (d. 11th December, 1917).

TURNER, Mary Ann Park Swithin (d. 3rd May, 1908). Age 83. And Charles Turner (d. 18th July, 1917). Age 95.

TWOSE, Fanny Maria (nee Claridge) (d. 15th July, 1908). Wife of Richard James Heyward Twose (below). Marriage announcement from The Press 14th August, 1880.

TWOSE, Herbert T (1886 – 1948)

TWOSE, Mary A (1883 – 1970).

TWOSE, Richard James Heyward (d. 3rd August, 1934)

UNKNOWN. Earthquake has tipped the headstone face-down.

UNKNOWN. Broken and illegible headstone.

UNKNOWN. Illegible.

WATKINSON, Benjamin T (1858 – 1935).

WATSON, Ann (d. 27th August, 1899). Age 55. Also her husband George Watson (d. 1st January, 1912). Age 74. Also their daugher, Miriam (d. 3rd January, 1879) age 3 years.

WATSON, William (d. 25th May, 1895). Age 34. Also his wife Hannah McDonald (d. 7th December, 1947). Age 81.

WEBB, William C (1880 – 1941). Also his wife Elizabeth (1877 – 1950).

WHITE, Marjorie (d. 12th August, 1938). Age 17.

WILKINSON, Allison (d. 4th December, 1961). Age 77. Also his wife Amy (d. 24th November, 1976). Age 85.

WILKINSON, Watson (d. 2nd August, 1915). Also his wife Ann, nee ALLISON (d. 12th March, 1924) and their son David (d. 9th October, 1898) age 20.

WOOD, Eliza (d. 8th February, 1925). Wife of James William Wood.

WOOD, James William (d. 27th July, 1938). Age 88. Husband of Eliza.

WOOLDRIDGE, Henry (d. 8th July, 1906). An article in the paper the day before his death suggests he went missing and another article published the day after his death notes he was found dead
Also his wife Elizabeth Sarah (d. 21st January, 1927). Broken plinth nearby Henry Selleck Wooldridge (d. 30th March 1861). Age 2 months.
Headstone badly damaged in earthquake.

WOOLDRIDGE, Marie Elizabeth (d. 22nd January, 1908). Infant daughter. Also Leslie William Wooldridge (d. 12th August, 1917). Age 8 years.

WORTHINGTON, Edward Victor (d. 15th November, 1918) Age 31. Also Annie Bremer.

WORTHINGTON, John (d. 22nd April, 1928). Formerly of Guernsey.


9 thoughts on “St James’ Anglican Church and Cemetery, Papanui/Harewood

  1. Hi Helen 🙂

    I’ve often passed this wee church also and thought I should stop in. Good to hear it’s stood the EQ’s so well. At
    http://firstfourships.co.nz/pics/person.php?pos=r41 there is a picture of Mary STANLEY and some extra info. One of the STANLEY daughters married in to the HOCKEY family – I often add snippets i find during my researching on to that site.


    Posted by Sarndra | May 7, 2012, 5:47 am
  2. Ah yes, many HOCKEY family members also buried there. Thanks for that family link and the Internet link Sarndra 🙂

    Posted by hleggatt | May 7, 2012, 5:53 am
  3. Great work Helen,
    I am from the Papanui Heritage Group and many of the families here feature in Papanui local history.
    We have just made our files on Papanui more accessible in the Papanui Heritage Group section in the Papanui Library. keep up the good work. kInd regards Janet

    Posted by Janet Tillman | May 7, 2012, 9:50 am
  4. Helen I am at present updateing the Stanley Family Tree and writting a history of the family – to be published within twelve mths, so if anyone needs information just email me and i will be happy to oblige Regards Murray

    Posted by Murray Green | May 15, 2012, 2:34 am
    • Hello Murray, My class Room 8 at Harewood Primary are studying the St James cemetery and the link between the folk buried there and our school with our 150th Jubilee coming up in 3 weeks.Of course the Stanley name keeps coming up and is so special to our history.

      We are also putting down a time capsule ( gathering bits this week 24-28 Sept) and wondered if you had anything you would like to contribute.
      Liz France


      Posted by Liz France | September 24, 2012, 3:25 am
  5. Fantastic offer, thank you Murray, and I’d love to get hold of a copy of your book when it’s published 🙂 and perhaps do a wee blog post on it on here. Regards, Helen

    Posted by hleggatt | May 15, 2012, 8:21 am
  6. I wish to trace relatives of Dede Stanley, Dede is probably a shortened form of David, who was living in Auckland in 1913 and who served in the Ist World War. I have photos to identify this person, however, no WW1 soldiers were photographed on enlisting. He was injured while overseas, but returned after serving. Hope you can help.
    Regards Yvonne Harman

    Posted by Yvonne Harman | May 17, 2015, 6:30 am
  7. This is very interesting. I am a descendent of John Worthington and grew up in Russley. I have passed this church so many times over my life not realising who lay within. I no longer live in Christchurch so value your research and photography. Thank you

    Posted by Lyn Murphy | June 27, 2016, 9:49 am

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